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"She’s not the texting type,"
you complain, bring up the idea
that if she just gives you a chance,
you may rock her world.
But you get nothing.
You are frustrated.
And so at you, I just laugh.

The semester ends
though your story hasn’t started yet.
So you cross your fingers,
wishing fate will bring you together
and get another chance.
Then I assure you
that I wish the same thing too.

You tell me how things seem to sparkle
whenever you hear her name,
how much you want to see her,
ask her out, make a move.
Quietly, I just listen.
And to me, you just smile.

And so now, finally,
you are given another chance by Facebook.
She’s online and so are you.
You chat, I tease you
then I ask:
"Doesn’t it feel right?"

You answer with a “no”
and before I realize,
You are already touching my hand…

A poem made for CW100 (Introduction to Creative Writing), 2nd Sem AY 2009-2010

Source: minaseestheworld.blogspot.com

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